Antique Trade Bead Hand Made Necklace with Coral, Turquoise, Onyx and Pearl

Antique Trade Bead Necklace

SKU: N432136

    The use of glass beads as trading objects in Africa dates from the 16th century, when Portuguese ships arrived in West Africa.

    European merchants continued to trade glass beads for African resouces such as ivory and gold and other raw materials until the 20th century.

    The glass makers of Amsterdam, Bohemia and Venice using advanced glass-making techniques, supplied the merchants with beautiful intricate beads so highly prized by Africans that they became a form of currency in some parts of West Africa.


    BAKU has one of the largest antique bead collections in the world, many of them one of a kind. Our designers delight in using these handcrafted, time-worn beads as key elements in their contemporary jewellery designs.